Best Athlete Lake Tahoe King and Queen Championship

Be crowned the Best Athlete in Tahoe King or Queen! Those who have the ability to perform well in a variety of timed sports will excel. You score points in triathlon (road and mountain bike), running, paddling, swimming, and mountain biking.

Here’s how it works;

The goal of the Best Athlete in Tahoe King or Queen Championship is to find out who the top male and female athletes are. These two athletes will compete in a variety of sports demonstrating a diverse ability to perform on the dirt, on the road, on the snow, and on and in the water. The male and female who are crowned the Best Athlete In Tahoe King or Queen compete in races from the following event categories.

  • Triathlon Events:

    • XTERRA Tahoe City
    • Donner Lake Triathlon Olympic
    • Donner Lake Triathlon Half (double points)
    • Lake Tahoe Triathlon Olympic
    • Lake Tahoe Triathlon Half (double points)
    • XTERRA Lake Tahoe
  • Running Events:

    • Truckee Running Festival 10K
    • Truckee Running Festival 1/2 Marathon (double points)
    • Squaw Valley Half Marathon (double points)
    • Burton Creek Trail Run 12K
    • Burton Creek Trail Run 1/2 Marathon (double points)
    • Run to Squaw 7.9 miles
    • Run to the Beach 10K
    • XTERRA Trail Run 10K
    • Marlette 10 Miler (double points)
    • Marlette 50K (triple points)
    • Emerald Bay Trail Run
    • Truckee Marathon (triple points)
    • Truckee Half Marathon (double points)
    • Great Trail Race Elite Course (triple points)
  • Swimming Events:

    • Sand Harbor Open Water Swim 1.2 Mile
    • Sand Harbor Open Water Swim 2.4 Mile (double points)
    • Truckee Open Water Swim 1.2 Mile
    • Truckee Open Water Swim 2.4 Mile (double points)
    • Lake Tahoe Open Water Swim 1.2 Mile
    • Lake Tahoe Open Water Swim 2.4 Mile (double points)
    • Sierra Swim Classic 1.2 Mile
    • Sierra Swim Classic 2.4 Mile (double points)
  • SUP Events

    • Thunderbird 4 Mile
    • Thunderbird 8 Mile (double points)
    • Tahoe Nalu 10 Mile (double points)
  • Mountain Biking Events

    • Great Trail Race Classic or Elite MTB Course
    • Tahoe Trail 100K
    • Tahoe Trail 50K
  • Nordic Skiing Events

    • The Great Ski Race


Points will be awarded to the first 5 men and 5 women. Points are given as follows:

  • 1st = 5 points
  • 2nd = 4 points
  • 3rd = 3 points
  • 4th = 2 points
  • 5th = 1 points

Awards: At the end of the series custom awards will be given to the overall male & female champion. Winning is based on the top scores earned at the end of the season. Accumulate the most points in your top race in each event type, and you’ll become the Best Athlete in Tahoe King or Queen.


Your top score from each event category you compete in are added to make up your total score. Thus, if you race in more than one race in an event category, your top score in that category will be taken (e.g. if you compete in 3 Trail Running races, we will only include your top score and drop the other two).