Individualized and adaptive training plans for race day Powered by Humango™

Looking for that competitive edge on race day? Big Blue Adventure has partnered with Humango™ so that you can take advantage of the latest and greatest in AI-powered endurance training. 

By introducing Humango™ into your training, you’ll have access to your very own adaptive training plan and virtual coaching assistant, Hugo. All you have to do is select a race, pick the days of the week that you’re available to train, and connect your sports or smartwatch. 

Signing up for Humango™ gets you a free, 30-day trial based on the type of race you’re going for. 

Give it a shot and feel the difference it makes as you continue on your endurance journey!

What can AI coaching do for me?

Humango™ is a unique platform designed to improve athletic motivation and performance. Designed, built, and tested by athletes, elite coaches, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) experts, Humango™ helps you reach your best athletic self through made-to-measure training plans that continually evolve as you do.

Hugo, the virtual coaching assistant sitting at the heart of our AI engine, analyzes your data holistically using advanced AI algorithms in order to optimize your long-term potential. Hugo translates each new data point from across your performance, scheduling, preferences, and feedback into actionable insights and real-time adjustments to your prescribed workouts. That way, you can be confident knowing that you’re exactly where you’re meant to be, always on the optimal path between today and your goal.

Whether you’re self-coached or have a coach, Hugo analyzes and acts on data from multiple sources to offer you the insights and adjustments you need on the spot. That leaves you to focus on the subtle art of endurance sports — form, technique, motivation, event prep, nutrition, recovery, training process, self-management, and mental health.

Hugo doesn’t just monitor, manage, and improve your progress. It visualizes your improvements, too. And Hugo is not just designed to speed you up. Hugo’s role is to help you avoid overtraining and injury by sometimes slowing you down. Some of the most important benefits of training come when you train low (think Zone 2). Not to mention that properly dealing with recovery and fatigue allows your body to improve as part of this deep recovery process.

Whether you’re an elite athlete or training for your first race, Hugo will help you train more efficiently than ever before.

AI coaching is as much for coaches as it is for athletes

With over 30 years of coaching and racing experience, Raeleigh has competed in countless triathlons, duathlons, and endurance sport events, including four 70.3 Ironman World Championships, becoming the Age Group World Champion in 2016. She is also Head Coach at Humango™, in charge of the workout content fueling their training plans. Raeleigh’s background brings together both racing experience and the application of science and education throughout her years of being a coach. With a Sports Science and Human Movement degree from Ballarat University in Australia, Raeleigh has made sport, health, and access to it her life’s passion and pursuit.

When Raeleigh approached Big Blue Adventure with the opportunity to offer Humango™ to their audience, they jumped at the idea. Todd (Big Blue’s race director) quickly realized that everyone – regardless of whether they’re training for their first event, interested in maintaining their health and fitness, or looking to reach their absolute optimal potential – deserves the best in science-based training and education. 

Humango™ is a platform that both guides and educates. And it’s not just for athletes. Coaches like Raeleigh benefit from Humango™’s ability to take on many of their mundane tasks, so they can focus on the true art of coaching (e.g., their athletes’ form, technique, race prep, nutrition and mental wellbeing). 

With Humango™, coaches can:

  • Monitor each athlete’s progress individually;
  • Lower their athletes’ risk of injury and improve their recovery;
  • Train more athletes, better;
    Benefit from Hugo – the virtual coaching assistant – flagging important moments for their athletes right when they happen; 
  • Message their athletes directly in the context of the dashboards inside the app;
  • Create tribes with shared calendars for group training;
  • Build their own training strategy (including preferred workouts, sport distribution, energy distribution, etc.) into the platform and set up Humango™ to build adaptive training plans for their athletes around that.

Have any questions? You can contact Raeleigh at or 530-414-3364.

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