Adventure Racing

Big Blue Adventure has produced Adventure Races (AR) in all shapes and size. It all started with the Tahoe Big Blue Adventure Race held in North Lake Tahoe in 2002. Soon after we created the Big Blue Adventure Racing Series which included adventure races throughout California and Nevada. Some of them; Ocean Blue AR, Silver Sage AR, Red Tail AR, and the Tahoe Big Blue AR. We also have produced several endurance 24-36 hour AR’s including: Oakridge 24, Santa Monica 24, Santa Barbara 24, Lake Tahoe 24 and 36.

Southern California Adventure Racing Buddies (SCARABS) was one of the core groups of AR in the early 2000’s. This Yahoo Sport Group had 3000+ members and a very active forum. Often those looking for teammates would use the teammate finder feature.

Types of Adventure Races

What is Adventure Racing?