Damian Gonzalez

Damian Gonzalez, Pro XTERRA Racer

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI became involved in BMX riding at the age of 14. Some classmates and I rode at the local BMX track, jumps in empty dirt lots and alot of street. Fast forward to the age of 21 when I purchased my first mountain bike from Delta Cyclery in Stockton, Ca. I began to ride trails in Auburn and Rockville with the guys from the shop, where I discovered both the rush and serenity mountain biking provides. It was not long after I registered for downhill races and ventured out to Tahoe and Downieville. At the same time, I was inspired by the Ironman coverage TV. “How great are all these people” I thought to myself. “Wonder if I could do something like that?” Probably not, due to the fact that I did not ride or own a road bike, much less a time trial bike. One day, while flipping through an early 2000 issue of Mountain Bike Action, Bike Magazine or one of those cool publications, I ran into an ad for “XTERRA Off Road Triathlon” in Half Moon Bay. I immediately cut the entry form out, mailed it in and joined the masters swim program at the University of the Pacific. Two months later I did my first triathlon. I have since then won the XTERRA age group National Championship in 2007 and turned pro in 2008. I am now looking to become more competative with help from my new and first coach, former XTERRA World Champ, Jamie Whitmore.

Website: https://damianxp.blogspot.com/
DOB: 12/20/1976
Height: 6′ 0″
Weight: 158lb.
Category: Pro XTERRA Tri-athlete
Hometown: Stockton, CA
Occupation: Owner of XPmultimedia.com and launching new clothing brand, xplicitco.com
Years Racing:10
Strengths: Climbing, Mtn Biking, Descending
Favorite Race: XTERRA Richmond VA and Downiville Classic.
Favorite Trail: Downiville’s Butcher Ranch, Polly Creek….Demo Forest, Toads and on and on…
Favorite Road Ride: Dave Stahl Ride, Mt Tam, Wallace
Favorite Pre Race Meal: Rice/wheat/oat pancakes with organic strawberries, scrambed eggs and small cup of java
Favorite Post Race Meal: Recovery drink followed by real food…rice, beans, veggies, anything long as its healthy. Try to eat mostly organic and I have cut out red meat, pork and bird meats out of my diet.
Bikes You Own: Orbea Opal, Orbea OIZ and a Big Hit
Favorite Sport Other Than Cycling: White Water Kayak
Favorite Pastime: Cooking, Biking, Movies, Music, Concerts, Blogging

Career Highlights:
XTERRA West Championship 30-34 1st
XTERRA SouthEast Championship 30-34 1st
XTERRA Mountain Championship 30-34 1st
XTERRA USA Championship 30-34 1st
XTERRA Del Valle, Pro 1st
XTERRA Tahoe City, Pro 1st
XTERRA Lake Tahoe, Pro 2nd
XTERRA Cup Championship, Ogden Ut- Pro 13th
XTERRA World Championship, Maui HI – Flatted

Nov 03 2014