Remembering the “Why?”

Remembering the “Why?” by Adam Kimble As someone who goes on a lot of long runs all over the world, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on where life has taken me (usually whilst running in remote mountains or deserts). Since the start of this pandemic, I’ve

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Taylor Cranney

Taylor Cranney Big Blue Adventure Ambassador Taylor spent almost the entirety of her teenage years in the pool playing water polo and swimming. That eventually led to a scholarship to San Diego State University, where she focused solely on water polo. Thanks to a sport that keptRead more

Melanie Miller

Melanie Miller Big Blue Adventure Ambassador I'm a pediatric psychiatric nurse and mother of three who swims, bikes and runs to keep her sanity! I started running in 2011 and have lost a significant amount of weight (65lbs). I found triathlon after knee surgery in 2012 whenRead more

Lexi Poppoff

Lexi Poppoff Big Blue Adventure Ambassador My name is Lex and I am a School Psychologist who practices sbig elf-care by exploring the BEAUtiful mountains of Truckee, California. I am forever a UC DAVIS AGGIE at heart and always will be thanks to the unforgettable four yearsRead more

Christine Bettera

Christine Bettera Big Blue Adventure Ambassador Christine grew up in Connecticut playing competitive softball but otherwise gravitating towards solo alternative sports like skateboarding and snowboarding.  Moving to Boston to attend college she captained the UMASS softball team as a catcher for four years as well as playedRead more

Steve Buelna

Steve Bulena Big Blue Adventure Ambassador I was born in 1977 in San Luis Obispo and started playing organized sports of soccer and baseball at the age of 6 and shifted to a focus of competitive soccer teams starting at the age of 8 through Junior College.Read more

Tom Hodge

Tom Hodge Big Blue Adventure Ambassador With a B.S. in Kinesiology from the University of California, Los Angeles, and over 30 years of racing under his belt, Tom has completed over 300 multi-sport events including 23 Ironman’s. He is a six-time Hawaiian Ironman participate and two-time TeamRead more

Liz McLean

Liz McLean Big Blue Adventure Ambassador Liz leads leads strategic partnerships for, transforming Veteran employment. In 2015 she launched the first ever Veteran Consultation Company for corporate hiring in the United States. She is also a fellow for the US Department of State. After graduating fromRead more

Tony Romero

Tony Romero Big Blue Adventure Ambassador I am just your everyday, 50 year old, Joe! I love adventure and I am forever looking for the next challenge! I graduated Cum Laude with a B.S. in Plant Science from California State University, Fresno. I am a member ofRead more

Liz Thomas

Liz Thomas Big Blue Adventure Ambassador 2018 will mark Liz's third year as a triathlete. While she considers herself a rookie, she is dedicated to her training and works hard to get better year after year. She grew up swimming on a swim team as a kid,Read more

Jonalyn Forman

Jonalyn Forman Big Blue Adventure Ambassador Jonalyn is a mom of 5 who developed her love for endurance sports after suffering a pulmonary embolism in 2011. She dipped her toes first into running in the fall of 2012. Always suffering nagging running injuries led her son, aRead more

Joanne Salaz

Joanne Salaz Big Blue Adventure Ambassador I did my first triathlon in 1985 and started doing marathons in about 1997.  I've done about 20 marathons and many tris, too many to count.  My love for triathlons continued until I injured my knee for the third time inRead more

Gabi Avallone

Gabi Avallone Big Blue Adventure Ambassador Gabi Avallone, started off her athletic career with swimming at the age of 9. She continued on to swim for Sierra Junior College where she was an All-American for the 800 yd free relay and 1650 yd free. Since she hasRead more

Adam Kimble

Adam Kimble Big Blue Adventure Ambassador Adam Kimble is an ultrarunner and motivational speaker from Tahoe City, CA.  He previously spent three years as an Event Director in Chicago, planning festivals and events with up to 75,000 participants. After recognizing his calling was not in event planning,Read more

Moné Hane

Moné Haen Big Blue Adventure Ambassador I’m a generalist and am capable of doing a lot of different things, but a master of nothing!  I grew up swimming on my local club team, competing in equestrian sports and skiing in Salt Lake City, Utah.  It wasn’t untilRead more

Ashley Hall

Ashley Hall Big Blue Adventure Ambassador Ashley Hall is an outdoor enthusiast with a passion for health and wellness that can be seen in both her personal and professional lives. Originally from NH, Ashley moved out west for graduate school in 2005 and has two master’s degrees:Read more

Kimberly Larson

Kimberly Larson, Big Blue Adventure Ambassador, grew up in Seattle, playing soccer, skiing and scuba diving. Most of her weekends until college consisted of ski team in the winter and competitive soccer the rest of the year. When the opportunity to go to college and play soccerRead more