Moné Hane

Moné Haen

Big Blue Adventure Ambassador

I’m a generalist and am capable of doing a lot of different things, but a master of nothing!  I grew up swimming on my local club team, competing in equestrian sports and skiing in Salt Lake City, Utah.  It wasn’t until my late twenties, and primarily out of necessity – thanks to a slowing metabolism, that I started running and cycling (via spin classes).  Since I had a bit of swimming in my background it only made sense that I give triathlon a go.  From there, and over the past decade or so, my love of endurance sports has continued to grow.  I actively participate in triathlon, long distance swimming, ultra-running and yoga.  Racing in almost 20 Big Blue events since 2014 has provided a wonderful opportunity to participate in events through the places I love – Donner Lake, Lake Tahoe and the trails, hills and mountains surrounding this beautiful place.

Feb 08 2018