Lexi Poppoff

Lexi Poppoff

Big Blue Adventure Ambassador

My name is Lex and I am a School Psychologist who practices sbig elf-care by exploring the BEAUtiful mountains of Truckee, California. I am forever a UC DAVIS AGGIE at heart and always will be thanks to the unforgettable four years I spent playing Division I soccer at Davis. Aside from playing soccer at Davis, I was your total typical nerd. I studied everything I could possibly fit into four years and came out with a Bachelor of Science in Human Development, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Minor in Sociology, and eventually a Masters and Ed. S. Degree in School Psychology. Despite all the memories of soccer and classes, my favorite memory about UCD is the day I adopted my best friend Myli Kenga (she’s a dog). After my career at UCD ended, I found a new passion in trail running and hiking with Myli. We moved to Tracy so I could be closer to family and my adorable niece and nephew and spent every possible weekend running or hiking in the mountains.

Today, I spend my time hiking, running, cycling, and playing soccer whenever I possibly can. Competition is really a thing in my past for many reasons…one Myli is a slow runner and loves to stop and smell every bush, two because I spend my time doing these things simply because I find them fun and rewarding, and three of course I use them as an excuse to connect with others…including my students! Mental and physical health are two things I strive for everyday and I have found that nothing builds either of these more than spending time with the things that matter most outdoors.

As far as my racing career, I have competed in several Big Blue running races, countless Spartan Races (my favorite is the Squaw Valley World Championship), a handful of half marathons, and way too many 10Ks and 5Ks to count. I run all of my races with others…whether it’s my best friends or the love of my life…because all races are best remembered by the memories you make with others! I cycle every day, play soccer every weekend, and I am an assistant coach for my hometown high school soccer team. My love for Truckee extends much further than the beauty of these mountains..it is founded in the countless memories, friends made, and amazing adventures thanks to companies like Big Blue Adventure. Happy hiking and hope to see you on the trails ?

May 23 2019